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Free Music Download- Tubidy App Review

Free music apps are now touching the hearts of a load of people. All things are the better if we can legally listen to free music. These apps are becoming predictably popular throughout the app store since these offer users the chance to enjoy a hefty free library. This is also the case if it comes to app Tubidy which also offers to provide a free music client.

What is Tubidy mobile App? – It is simple, free and basic music client and you shall notice the difference while using this app.

Main Features of Tubidy:

  • Easy to manage local playlists
  • Browse user profiles and playlists anywhere
  • Share your playlists with your mates
  • Search music, audios, songs & playlists easier.

Some Basic things about Tubidy: it is pretty straightforward if it comes to its intended concept. The basic idea behind it is that it permits you to browse via music available via SoundCloud or YouTube. Then you shall able to stream the tracks or download them for offline listening. Tubidy is very easy to use that is its best part. To listening the music all you have to do is search for music and it allows you the ability to effortlessly switch between SoundCloud & YouTube as your search for new tunes along a simple tap.

Using Tubidy: The sound quality of the each track may vary. They are basically uploaded by the user on Tubridy & YouTube. You can find it later or may download it for offline play if you enjoy a track. By adding your favorite songs allows you to quickly find your favorite songs quickly. It can be said that you may not feel a desperate need to download this app if you regularly use YouTube & SoundCloud. One nice thing about Tubidy is that it does not take up too much on the phone.  

Things need to improve: although riddled with ads, the layout of the app is easy enough to use. A user can get an option to own the ability to remove ads and can make the app a more pleasant experience. Sometimes it is very hard to find exactly what you are looking for due to misleading or bad titles since the library is based on user upload.

What Works: you can say one good thing about Tubidy is that the experience itself is a welcome one. The actual thing that Tubidy uses both YouTube & SoundCloud as opposed to a singular source gives users plenty of options if it comes to songs. It is very easy to use as well as very little to complain about if it comes to the quality of available content.

Overall: Tubidy does as promised and more as a free music streaming app. It has a vast library and Tubidy makes it easy to listen to your favorite tracks no matter where you are. If you are thinking of an alternative to data draining radio apps or storing loads of storage choking songs on your phone then this might be something to consider.

One problem with Tubidy app is that it isn’t available in the Google Play Store. Hence, you will have to have aptoide download on your Android to get the app.