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Muzhiwan App review and features: know about this awesome App Store

Are you looking for a Muzhiwan App? You can choose the best to use once you learn about the reviews about this play store which can help you in arranging the best application utility in the nearest future. You must search for the Muzhiwan App review online with the specifications that mark the best in the world of Android device.

Few easy steps to start the process

The downloading process of the Muzhiwan app is so easy to follow. In fact, you can do it in few easy steps and then start enjoying from the downloaded phrase. The section which reads the statements of the Muzhiwan App review and features states that this can be done free of cost and the services can be enjoyed completely in accordance to its creative developers.

Tweak the layout of your android device

Infact there are a lot of things that one must know in order to tweak the layout of your android devices that the Smartphone users are using. Android is an open source that optimizes the application leading to the best creative developers contributing with the amazing app. This play store is also suited with other mobiles too.

Concepts of amazing application

This Muzhiwan app is familiar with the concept of amazing apps relating to the optimization of various other platforms which marks the best from its launching only. The concept is familiar with the apps that are being downloaded in English. You can use the translation system too so that you can read the features in your own language in case you do not understand the language of the software.

Access to pleasure now!

Through the section of Muzhiwan App review and features, it is being figured out that the Muzhiwan app is easy to use and is easily accessible. There are so many users who are referring to use this app instead of play store of another version. Therefore you can avail a lot of advantages while using this application on your Smartphone device.

Reach out for the best app

If you are thinking about the origin of the Muzhiwan Apk, then you must reach out to its roots. Originally the market of the Muzhiwan is too friendly and therefore you can ask for better use in comparison to the Google play store. Still, if you cannot make out the process of the software, you can ask for the tutorial to start referring to this.

Latest version of the alternative tool

The APK version is the latest version with a full size of about 3.6 MB and the APK file type. This is currently serving as the best amazing alternative tool for the Google play store and the other part is that it is free to use. According to the Muzhiwan App review and features section, it has been found that this app is a third-party Chinese app store for Android device for the latest version.

The features for the android features are as follows:

  1. There are hundreds of genres and millions of apps that you can choose from
  2. The availability of the caller tunes, tunes, games, millions of wallpapers as well themes are ample in this play store
  3. You can access to download the paid Android apps through this absolutely free of cost

Thus the next time you think of downloading just ark the best out of the Android market.

TutuApp For Android and iOS- Free Download

he internet is full of countless mobile apps which have their own separate functions. Only a unique functioning app can survive in this competitive environment and Tutu app is one of them. This unique application has the capability of unlocking paid features of any IOS or android app.

Generally, it is an assumption that IOS platform has not much wider scope as compared to android, but this application has proved it wrong. Now you can easily modify the features of your apple mobile applications and use them as a premium user for free of cost.

To download this amazing app on your IOS platform based smartphone follow this procedure:-

  • First of all, open the Safari browser of your mobile and search this app as “” keyword.
  • After finding the app, you will see the download button below it. Just tap on it and start downloading.
  • After the completion of your download, go to the settings, general settings, profile and there you will find a list of all profiles.
  • Find tutapp there and tap on it to approve the trust for this application.
  • Now go back to the main menu and open the app to unlock any of your favorite game of application.

Use of Tutu app on iOS or android platform

It is not very difficult to use this app on any of your smartphones. The procedures of using this app on both androids as well as IOS platforms is same.  There is a simple process that must be followed step by step. Take a look:-

  • First of all, you need to turn on your data connection or connect your mobile with wifi.
  • Now go to the main menu of your mobile and open the app by tapping on it.
  • After opening, you will see a list of all applications that are available to use after paying a certain amount of money.
  • You can also search app or game that you want to unlock on search option of tutu app.
  • After finding the most suitable one, tap on the get button and let it be downloaded completely.
  • When the downloading process will be completed, you need to install this app by tapping on install button provided in the app.
  • That’s all, now you will have a fully unlocked app without paying even a single penny for it.


Tutu app is a provided by Chinese developers for free of cost. It has amazing features to unlock any of the apps without endangering your mobile security. There is no need to log in through apple id to download or use it. You can get free paid apps with high downloading speed without interruption or breakdown of the link.  Unlike many other hacking apps, tutu app does not require any jail break operation for installation. This is the reason why it is totally different from many other apps available on the internet who claims to be the best hackers.


DNS probe finisned no internet is mostly occurred because of network connection.  When you open Google chrome, you will see the “this webpage is not available” error on the front page. This error is related to internet connection or firewall settings. If your internet is not working then probe finished no internet error will occur. The errors says as follow in Google chrome

“This webpage is not available


“Check your internet connection

Check any cable and reboot any router, modems, or other network device you may be using”

“Allow Chrome to access the network in your firewall or antivirus settings.

If it is already listed as a program allowed to access the network, try removing it from the list and adding it again”.

Following simple steps should be use to fix error code “DNS probe finished no internet or Dns probe no internet in Google Chrome.” This solution works for window 7, window 8, window 8.1 and window 10.

Solution 1:

BY Using the cmd prompt.

Open CMD as admin and run following command one by one which works for many users.

Ipconfig  /release

Ipconfig /all

Ipconfig / flushdns

Ipconfig /renew

Netsh in tip set dns

Netsh winsock reset

Then restart your computer

Solution 2: Change TCP/IP4 Proxy

Following step should be used to change TCP and IP4 proxy


First right Click on “Window Logo” and then click network connection which will open new window.

Step 2:

Then right click on your active Network and click on properties.

Step 3:

Now find and select Internet protocol Version 4 (TCP/ IPv4) , then click on properties.

Step 4:

Checked on the option “Use the following DNS server addresses.” Then type in following preferred and alternate DNS address:

Preferred DNS server:

Alternative DNS server:

Then click on OK.

Solution 3: update Driver software

Step 1:

Open the Device by typing “devmgmt.msc” in window search box and hit enter. You can simply use short key “window key + R”, then type devmgmt.msc then hit enter which will open Device Manager.

Step 2: open Network Adapters

Find and expand “network Adapters” option.

Step 3: update software Driver

Here choose and right click on the working network adapter listed there and click on the Update Driver Software option which will open new window.

Step 4: select Driver File

Then you have to select the “Browse my computer for driver software” from the new window.

Step 5: Pick Driver File

Now click on “let me pick from list of device driver on my computer”.

Step 6: Select Compatible Network

Now choose and selected the compatible network hardware that you have on your computer. Then proceed to next step by clicking next option.

Step 7: install the driver and restart

Once you have chosen a compatible network. Windows will try to install Driver software. If it becomes successful, you will get to see a dialog box of successful driver updates. Now you will need to reconnect your internet and restart your computer which will solve the dsn probe finished no internet error.

The above solution helps to remove the DNS PROBE FINISHED NO INTERNET error in Google chrome for most of user that use window 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.

One more thing to be kept in mind is that sometimes, someone hacks into your wifi and disables the internet connection, then this problem can also arise. In order to protect your wifi, you should first try to know how to hack wifi and then you can block that security patch in your wifi.