Free Certificates of Appreciation Printables

Management Experts in contemporary times suggest that it is a dedicated and engaged workforce that carries your business closest to the business objectives. Hence, you need to take those measures that will strengthen the engagement of the employees with the business and motivate them for making larger contributions. One of the easiest yet the most effective ways to accomplish this purpose is to gift the performing employees a Certificate of appreciation.

Appreciation certificate- what is the concept?

The Certificate of appreciation is a testimonial that certifies the contribution of an employee for his/her contributions that added values to the existing practices. With that said, it is a document that identifies the efforts of the concern and acknowledges that the concerned employee has made such contributions to take the business forward. Thus, it is a document that appreciates the performance of the employee and such certifications can significantly boost the motivation of an employee.

How these certifications boost the motivation level of the employees?

Once an employee receives an appreciation certificate for his/her contribution to the business, it gives the concern a feeling that the hard works and efforts are not getting unidentified and unnoticed. It is a generic human attribute that once the performance and efforts of a person get appreciated, he/she will have a boost in the motivation level that would stimulate the person to make further efforts. Hence, this is a tool that can make the employees more motivated and dedicated to serving the organization better. This way, companies can boost the engagement of this workforce, using this certification.

You can download certificates of appreciation from here.

Benefits to the employees

Following are the benefits to the employees in receiving a Certificate of appreciation:

  • The certificate acknowledges the contribution of the employee and hence, serves as a crucial professional testimonial.
  • It makes the employee more engaged and stimulates him/her to put better efforts.
  • Appreciation certificate establishes the skill and expertise of the employee
  • Employees can use these certificates to establish their candidature strongly while looking for job changes. Research shows that those flocks that can produce such certifications while applying to a new job, gets better attention of the prospective employers.

Benefits to the organizations

The appreciation certificates come beneficial to the organizations as well. Following are few of the key points in this regard:

  • It enhances the motivation level of the employees that makes them put more efforts to drive the business.
  • It is a cost-effective way to reward employees. Employees feel more valued, getting these certificates that what they would feel receiving financial awards.
  • Identification of the key contributors and management can establish a feeling that hard works will never ever get unnoticed or unacknowledged.

Considering the points stated in the paragraphs above, it gets established that such appreciation certifications come highly effective to drive the employees towards more productivity and most importantly, it enhances the engagement of the workforce with the business. Hence, the popularity of this certification is rising massively with the passage of time.

How To Whiten Your Teeth at Home Without Visiting the Dentist

Is there a better way to get whiter teeth without the hassles or any inconvenience of frequent visits to the dentist? Is there a whitening product that whitens your teeth without costing you too much? Many ways are there for you to have whiter teeth at home. Here are the things you need to do.

Why you need to whiten teeth fast:

o    A first date

o    A party or social gathering

o    A wedding (yours or someone else’s!)

o    First day of school

o    Photo shoot (family, engagement, senior pictures, etc.)

o    Vacation

In-Surgery Laser Whitening: In order to answer your question of What are the best ways to whiten teeth then this is a popular method as the results can be seen instantly. In this process, the gums and the mouth are safeguarded by a protective dam. In this kind of whitening method, you can whiten your teeth surface by up to 6 shades.

In order to answer your question of What are the best ways to whiten teeth then there are over the counter products. Amongst the most popular tooth whitening products you’ll find in your local supermarket are whitening toothpaste and mouthwash. These are cheap and effective methods for removing stains from your teeth. These products can really make a difference if you’re not already using them. But if you’re interested in tooth whitening products, then you’re probably looking for something a little stronger. This is why you are advised to have a look at some of the stronger procedures you can use in your own home.

The tooth whitening strips: In order to use this product you will only have to apply the thin strips to your teeth for some thirty minutes daily and after a week you should notice a difference.

On the internet, you can come across a solution which keeps on telling you how to make your own teeth whiter (called as sbiancare i denti in Italian) from hydrogen peroxide and baking soda and other substances. It can be hazardous to do them and do more harm than good, especially if you do not get the mixture right.

Use 1 tablespoon lemon juice, a fresh mix with a small spoon of salt. With the help of at toothbrush dipped in this mixture brush your teeth the stained patches will quickly disappear.

There are many fruits which are known for its whitening properties. An example of that is strawberry. Strawberries are known to help whiten the teeth because of enzymes called Malic Acid, as well as Vitamin C. Astringent, is also found in strawberries and it helps remove stains while the Vitamin C washes away plaque. When you regularly eat vegetables and fruits such as celery, apples, carrots, cabbage, lettuce. The natural acidity of the plant along with the fibre-rich apples will help in sorting out your plaque and teeth whiter.

Use a brush apple cider vinegar: It will help to provide you with white but also clean the teeth.

Summary: If you are interested in What are the best ways to whiten teeth then you want the best teeth whitening product. You can also refer to other good articles on this topic such as and increase your knowledge about it.


DNS probe finisned no internet is mostly occurred because of network connection.  When you open Google chrome, you will see the “this webpage is not available” error on the front page. This error is related to internet connection or firewall settings. If your internet is not working then probe finished no internet error will occur. The errors says as follow in Google chrome

“This webpage is not available


“Check your internet connection

Check any cable and reboot any router, modems, or other network device you may be using”

“Allow Chrome to access the network in your firewall or antivirus settings.

If it is already listed as a program allowed to access the network, try removing it from the list and adding it again”.

Following simple steps should be use to fix error code “DNS probe finished no internet or Dns probe no internet in Google Chrome.” This solution works for window 7, window 8, window 8.1 and window 10.

Solution 1:

BY Using the cmd prompt.

Open CMD as admin and run following command one by one which works for many users.

Ipconfig  /release

Ipconfig /all

Ipconfig / flushdns

Ipconfig /renew

Netsh in tip set dns

Netsh winsock reset

Then restart your computer

Solution 2: Change TCP/IP4 Proxy

Following step should be used to change TCP and IP4 proxy


First right Click on “Window Logo” and then click network connection which will open new window.

Step 2:

Then right click on your active Network and click on properties.

Step 3:

Now find and select Internet protocol Version 4 (TCP/ IPv4) , then click on properties.

Step 4:

Checked on the option “Use the following DNS server addresses.” Then type in following preferred and alternate DNS address:

Preferred DNS server:

Alternative DNS server:

Then click on OK.

Solution 3: update Driver software

Step 1:

Open the Device by typing “devmgmt.msc” in window search box and hit enter. You can simply use short key “window key + R”, then type devmgmt.msc then hit enter which will open Device Manager.

Step 2: open Network Adapters

Find and expand “network Adapters” option.

Step 3: update software Driver

Here choose and right click on the working network adapter listed there and click on the Update Driver Software option which will open new window.

Step 4: select Driver File

Then you have to select the “Browse my computer for driver software” from the new window.

Step 5: Pick Driver File

Now click on “let me pick from list of device driver on my computer”.

Step 6: Select Compatible Network

Now choose and selected the compatible network hardware that you have on your computer. Then proceed to next step by clicking next option.

Step 7: install the driver and restart

Once you have chosen a compatible network. Windows will try to install Driver software. If it becomes successful, you will get to see a dialog box of successful driver updates. Now you will need to reconnect your internet and restart your computer which will solve the dsn probe finished no internet error.

The above solution helps to remove the DNS PROBE FINISHED NO INTERNET error in Google chrome for most of user that use window 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.

One more thing to be kept in mind is that sometimes, someone hacks into your wifi and disables the internet connection, then this problem can also arise. In order to protect your wifi, you should first try to know how to hack wifi and then you can block that security patch in your wifi.