Significance and Method of Teaching Spelling to 5th Graders

Fifth grade is very sensitive class as in this grade teachers are intended to imbibe certain standard of vocabulary into the minds of their students because they are standing at the entrance of elementary schooling. At this point of time, they are required to develop a good vocabulary so that they can do well in their upcoming elementary schooling. Spelling words for fifth graders is the only method to introduce them with the fair amount of vocabulary. This can be done in various teaching methods, all of which are meant to tickle some mandatorily knowing words into the minds of students.

Methods of Teaching Words to 5th Graders

Though there are almost countless methods of teaching vocabulary to the students of 5th standard, but some of the frequently used method in this regard can be enlisted or elaborated as below:

  •    Flash card method – This method is widely used for teaching spellings to the students. In this method, flash cards are produced in front of students without showing them a written word on it. Further, students are asked to write down the spelling of the word written on the flash card and pronounce by the teacher, if they spelled it correctly then they can be rewarded or whatever it was predetermined, was given to them
  •    Jumble down words – this method is much known for teaching spellings to the students of mature age group such as fifth graders. They are adept in interpreting the excerpts of given information and arranging them all in proper order. In this method, students are required to put a given spelling into meaningful or correct order, as they provided in shuffled order.
  •    Crossword puzzles – This is also very much alike to that of the jumble down word method but the difference is that this method requires a proper tabular format to play this game. In the table sort of board, letters and spellings are provided in hidden form and one has to find it. It a can also be used in another way as instead of finding the letters, it would be asked to any student to make any word out of randomly written words on the board by adding one or two letters of their own.  
  •    Chalkboard race – Two students are selected in the form of two different teams. Both are equipped with a chalk and ask them to take an equal distance. Teacher calls a word and counts for three. On three, both of the students make their run towards chalkboard and write the pronounced word correctly. Whosoever did it fast and correctly would be proclaimed a winner of the round.

There are plenty of such ways which are implemented while teaching fifth grade spelling words some of which are above mentioned. These methods not just enable students to write the words correctly but also help them indirectly to recall it in very less duration of time, which further enables them to use those words in their writings and interpret it adequately when they face the same in any piece of writing or in their course modules.