What Will For Standing All Day Be Like In 100 Years?

Lots of studies have claimed regarding health issues of prolonged standing whole day as compared to sitting. It suggests that we should mix it up between standing and sitting habits both because we are not just made only to stand and work.

Usually millions of everyday workers spend most of their time working on their feet, so the researchers warn that there are a lot serious health reasons because of them they should not stand too much.

From 100 of years, the doctors are warning towards the work-related health issues of prolonged standing but unfortunately the masses of labors are still duty-bound to work on their feet for most of the time.

Standing All Day Habit Will Be Like disastrous In 100 Years

Those who spend most of their day spell on their feet every day are at higher risk of health problems including aches, meager blood circulation, varicose veins problems and swelling in the limbs.

It may also damage joints and increase heart and cardiovascular diseases and probably raise pregnancy complications too.

A study found that prolonged standing in pregnancy can affect a kid’s growth. The study describes women who stand for a long time and work during pregnancy may have kids with some distinctions in their physical attributes like the heads may be below average as 1 centimeter (or 3 percent) smaller, than that of the average kids when birth.

Further studies say that the women who worked additional 25 hours in a week had kids with a weight of five to seven ounces lesser than the kids that were born to women who don’t work or may work less than 25 hours a week. The study also describes that standing for a prolonged time may compromise with blood circulation to the kid.

This is why pregnant women should follow a mix combination of standing and walk in their working. Also, they must wear proper shoes for standing all day. Here is a good review of such shoes.

Some evidence says that standing up is good

When we go back to earlier 50’s there was a study conducted to compare the bus conductors (who usually stand and travel) with the bus drivers (who always sits). The study was published in the “Lancet” and define that the bus conductors had to bear half the risk of developing heart diseases than bus drivers.

Since the time, prolonged sitting is also said to be linked with prolonged standing and they both are said to be the prime reason of the ill factors like blood glucose irregularities, reduction in the activity of lipoprotein lipase enzyme that disrupts blood fats and modified them as a fuel to the muscles. This reduction of lipoprotein lipase enzyme raises the fat level in the blood which may occur the risk of heart diseases.

Tips for People Who Stand All Day

  1.    Pop your position.

Try exercise correct X or Y posture exercise habits to modify your daily habits and to get the ball rolling.

  1.    Learn to breathe out fully.

Try breathing exercises and just try to get all the inside air out on each exhale.

  1.    Break your time with relief exercises.

Try to get some free time to sit and relax, lay on your back for a while or try half-kneeling (lunge) positions to get rest.  

  1.    Work in low-level anti-extension drills throughout the day.

Have some time from your schedule and after completing prior responsibilities for getting indulge in some different mobility drills during your day.

  1. Play around with footwear.

When you are on a run on your feet all day then you may better find a right footwear for yourself.